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Are you searching for a reputable professional resume writing service that understands your unique situation first and then generates results?

You deserve a one-of-a-kind resume to match the one-of-a-kind you. The professionals with Resume 4 Success have a unique method of designing a professionally written resume that highlights your skills, natural talents, accomplishments, and your personal style. We adhere to the most current standards of professional resume writing. Based on our experience in professional resume writing since 1995, you can be confident that we have an easy systemic process for gathering the relevant information for your resume and cover letter. We specialize in incorporating the appropriate key words in your resume for both visual and high-tech electronic scanning. Your marketability will be dramatically increased by our expertise in writing from your perspective (being mindful of the expectations of the readers) and our competency in using the best techniques in formatting your resume. You'll benefit from the reputation we've earned with our attention to detail by incorporating the important elements required to make your resume stand out among the many that cross the desk of a prospective employer. Additionally, you'll benefit from our knowledge about the current job market.

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Resume 4 Success will create a powerful, targeted resume and unique cover letters that will get you noticed and position you ahead of the competition.

Can I just write my own resume?

Perhaps you can. A job search has become a sophisticated and technical process; do you know how to write accordingly? We know how to write for the sophisticated and technical process for today's job search success and we also keep our knowledge current.

Do you want to use your time trying to learn all you'll need to know about how to write a good resume and cover letter? Unless you're looking for employment as a professional resume writer, remember, we already know how to write an effective resume and cover letter. It's what we do.

Do you wonder if it makes sense to use your money for the services of a professional resume writer?

Unless you use a "do it yourself kit" for all your other professional service needs, it makes perfect sense to spend your money in the services of a professional resume writer. It's actually an investment in your future. As professional resume writers, we are experts in doing what we do best, just as other professionals are the experts in their respective fields. So it is actually very wise to hire us, especially because our skills will help you put your time, energy, talent and resources into doing what you do best much sooner. You'll save time, reduce your stress, ease tension with those around you, boost your self-confidence, decrease your job search time and increase the probability of getting the best job to match your criteria.

Have others made you feel guilty about wanting to retain the services of a professional resume writer because they told you that you have the time but you don't have the money it takes to pay a professional resume writer, so you should use your time and not your money and write your own resume and cover letter? We'll be happy to take a look at what you've written on your own and let you know if we'd offer you a position on our writing team.

How long does it take to learn how to write an effective resume and cover letter with the best key words for the online applicant tracking systems (ATS) that are commonly used in the job market to screen job seekers? We already have learned how and we continue our learning process to be sure we stay current with the quickly changing methods, requirements and job market needs. In fact, we even use the ATS developers' software to evaluate our resumes with the job descriptions to be sure we've included the appropriate key words.

Do you want to take the amount of time and work it takes to study and learn the ATS screening process as a non-paid resume writer with trial and error resume and cover letters while learning what the professional resume writers already know that will minimize your job search time and maximize your income potential?

Do you already know how to convert your resume into the formats necessary for filling out the online applications, and the format needed to post your resume to job boards, and the format that is best when attaching your resume to an email for a job opportunity, and the way a resume should be prepared for a personal delivery, and for networking by phone, in person, and with online social networking sites?

Do you believe you only need a basic resume?

Have you been told that you can use a resume template, a sample resume, or a resume builder to write your own cheap basic resume?

What is your definition of a basic resume? Is that the kind of resume you need for a basic job? What is a basic job?

Could it be possible that you could be using a basic resume only to find out that you are competing with other job seekers who invested in a professional resume writer to write their resumes and cover letters for the same basic job you want? Could the professionally written resume and cover letter be helping others get that basic job faster than your basic resume is helping you in your job search?

Do you understand the value in having the written word in your voice while also including the components necessary for the other reading styles? We do and because no one can predict the style of the recipients and readers, we write with an educated and recommended marketing approach that appeals to all four reading styles.

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Get your complete and convenient start-to-finish professionally written resume customized to fit the needs of your customized job search.

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Do you wonder what you need to tell us about yourself so we can write your resume? Don't wonder; we know what we need, what to do and how to make it easy for you. We ask the questions and use your answers for the relevant information to showcase as the quality talking points on your resume. We have resources providing job descriptions of more than 35,000 job titles, so we understand your skills sets and know how to determine your best accomplishment statements.

Do you wonder how we know how to write so the reader doesn't picture you one way only to get confused when you walk into the interview? You can relax because we are professional "ghost writers" and know that we must write in "your voice" to avoid a disconnection when you meet the hiring authority. We use a professional communication and behavioral style assessment to understand your individual and unique communication style and behavioral performance strengths.

Have you wondered what is meant by your transferable, soft, and interpersonal skills? The results of your communication and behavioral style assessment provides accurate information about your soft skills; those interpersonal and transferable skills that are so important in the workplace from one job to another. We'll be weaving those personal style strengths and skills into your resume too. You'll be impressed with how easily we are able to accurately describe your unique communication and behavioral strengths in your transferable skill section of your resume and you'll be further impressed as you gain insight into your own communication traits, behavioral characteristics and personal strengths in the workplace. And we'll give you the complete comprehensive Personal Style Report as part of your resume package in addition to a customized professionally written cover letter.

Have you figured out why we are called Resume 4 Success? Has it become obvious to you if you should write your own resume or not? Is there any reason not to use the professional resume writing services we provide? Can you afford not to use our professional resume writing services?

Your resume will be 100% customized to promote you, representing your uniqueness and your qualifications with the professionalism you deserve.

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Do you wonder what else you will need in addition to your resume?

Not to worry; Resume 4 Success will make certain you have all you need, in addition to your resume. Your grammar-perfect professionally written cover letter will be included at no extra charge. Your cover letter comes with the option of clerical support to help make it recipient- accurate and further customized for those special leads.

Is there anything else you really should have? We believe you do, so you'll also get your uniquely designed reference page. Your reference page will be more than just a list of names and contact information. Your reference page will be designed to make it as easy as possible for the hiring authority to determine how serious you are about your desire to be considered for the job. We know how to create that document.

Do you remember we mentioned that you'll be receiving your Personal Style Report that we used when writing your professional resume and cover letter? Your report is available to you, printed in full color and professionally bound. You'll have all the unique details you need, in an easy to read attractive format, to help develop your unique branding statement the same way we used it to capture the unique you on paper. You will quickly see how helpful the information from your report is for your interview preparation, especially for the "tell me about yourself" question that is likely to be asked. You'll probably even want to share your entire report during your interviews as part of your interview portfolio. You'll be very pleased when you realize that our plan, from the very beginning, was to arm you with the information hiring authorities love to see; the results from the same assessment often used in pre-employment screening, strategic positioning and team building. You can easily figure out how on your own but you're not left along to do so, because we can continue to support your job search process with more details and coaching, beyond the resume and cover letter development, if and when you need our help.

Do you think your resume, cover letter, reference page, personal style report, branding statement, and interview preparation is all you need for your successful job search?

Remember, even the best resume is worthless if no one sees it. One of the easiest ways to show off your resume to your friends, family, your networking contacts, recruiters, and most important, potential employers is with a personal web resume. Resume 4 Success will assign you a unique web address and host your resume for one full year with renewal options and even update it as necessary.

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Have you ever had a concern about emailing your resume, posting it to a job board, or filling out an online application?

Resume 4 Success has those solutions as well. We'll provide the reason, the process and the appropriate format to get the job done. In other words, you may need an ASCII (plain text) conversion with and/or without line breaks. Many of today's online resume banks require you to submit your resume in ASCII format. Even an Adobe PDF file conversion of your resume and/or cover letter can be provided to you. You will get what you need at Resume 4 Success. Our full service career advancement process is your solution; let us generate the results you deserve!

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Do I need more than one format of my resume?

Yes! We recommend both paper and electronic formats of your resume. Resume 4 Success, a professional resume service provider, makes your success in sharing your resume easy and as well as current in today's technological world. A web resume promotes your abilities quickly. Our web resume also includes text-only versions, necessary for email and job board posting campaigns. A properly posted resumes attract the attention of busy decision makers and makes their selection process easier. Learn more about our web resume services below.

Web Resume Services

Our documented success, since 1995 with satisfied clients, gives us the confidence that you'll be happy that you selected Resume 4 Success to write your professional resume.

We're ready to get started, are you?

Step 1

Let us determine the scope of your resume writing project to determine your investment. Email us your most recent resume and we'll evaluate it. Or provide a little information about your industry, position, education, lengths of work history, number of jobs, goal, salary range and any challenges you believe you have regarding your project. We have the experience in helping job seekers in all industries and position titles and salary ranges. Some have had various "red flags" from their past and others have a goal to completely change career paths. The information you share about your situation is how we determine the amount of your investment in your professionally written resume you're your satisfaction guaranteed.
Next, you realize we are the best match for your needs and agree to retain our services by remitting payment. You'll not be disappointed with your materials, service and support with Resume 4 Success writing your resume.

Step 2
Development Process

We begin to gather your information with the 10-15 minute online communication and behavioral assessment. A chronological history fill-in form is provided to gather your employment history if you don't have a current resume. We then ask a few interview style questions, specific to your industry and job title.

Step 3
Review and Approve

You are given the opportunity to examine the content, quality and design of your documents. We discuss any necessary edits until you are confident you've developed ownership of your ability to be proud and comfortable using your resume in your job search immediately or when you are ready to do so. We discuss with you the significance of your communication report and what it tells us about your behavior, others' perception of you and how you perceive yourself. Your final documents will be laser printed on watermarked professional resume paper presented in a professional resume folder as well as emailed to you once we establish the best way to ensure the formatting is maintained on your end.

Not sure yet?

Do you want a no-risk experience?

We have a satisfaction guarantee, so you'll not be taking a risk and we'll be sure you're satisfied with your resume.

Do you want to avoid numerous phone conversations and chit chat? Do you think we'll want to provide advice or ask too many questions when you just want your resume written; you want your resume as quickly as possible and want to get your name and qualification out there to have it done and over with?

We respect your tight and hectic schedule, your time constraints, and your deadline requirements. We are very results-oriented and we'll set our goal to get your resume completed for your approval prior to your deadline and be "at the ready" for your success story when you're announced as the winning job candidate.

Is it easier for you to talk than type? Do you enjoy the interaction and the "telling" about your work experience instead of writing it?

We love having fun and socializing with our clients. So we can coordinate our schedules to visit by phone and make the information gather process a lot more enjoyable for you so we can write your resume.

Do your wonder if we'll rush you to get your information to us?

We understand that rushing people may only cause a disorganized process, so we want to be sensitive to the pace you prefer to in getting your information organized. We will systemically move through the writing or your professional resume at a pace that's comfortable for you. We encourage you to let us know that you're not in a hurry and we'll be happy to adjust our schedule accordingly. You can depend on us to be mindful of the time frame you feel is best.

Are you concerned that the information you're asked to provide may not be grammatically perfect, detailed and thorough enough for us to write an accurate resume for you?

We do not have the expectation that you should submit your information using the same strategies and methods that are designed for the actual resume development. That's our job and we are the experts in that area. We do our best to be extremely careful to guard against mistakes as evidenced by our three-phase proofing procedure and we take great pride in our grammar and spelling fields of expertise. And we also adhere to confidentiality requests and requirements to protect your information both physically and electronically. And, after all, you are the one who has the final proofing privilege. We make certain your concerns are addressed, evaluated and verified. We will make any necessary edits to ensure you resume is error free and we'll make arrangements for a scheduled consultation for a review of your resume when you have concerns during your job search.