Career Coaching

Resume4Success is committed to your success and will always encourage and challenge you to reach your personal best.

What is Career Coaching with Resume 4 Success?

Career Coaching is a systematic and methodical approach to help you achieve a satisfying career. Career Coaching is personalized to meet the unique needs of each individual job searching client.

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Do you need Career Transition Coaching?

 * One Career to Another

 * First Job

 * Back to Work

 * Educational Planning

 * Career Testing

Do you need Career Management Coaching?

 * Career Advancement

 * Strategic Job Searching

 * Job Search Campaigns

 * Application Process

 * Social Networking

 * Brand Identification

 * Interviewing Preparation

 * Salary Negotiations

 * Professional Development

Can a Professional Career Coach help me get a better job?

Yes! In today's job market, you will need every advantage to maintain a competitive edge. That's why Resume 4 Success offers professional resume and cover letter development services and career coaching with the unique element of a Behavioral Assessment included. Behavioral Assessments identify your special talents, your communication style and how your positive characteristics can be valuable in the workplace. Next, this information is emphasized in your cover letter and resume, allowing the interviewer to know just how your unique talents and transferable skills can benefit the prospective employer's business.

Your marketing documents will be composed in "your voice" as we will have a clear understanding of your communication style and we will write accordingly.

Successful job searching has become a very sophisticated process. By collecting information about your chronological history and your accomplishments, combined with professional assessments, we can provide you a thorough and complete resume and cover letter package while providing you substantiating evidence of your personal strengths and value to an organization. Additionally, our behavioral assessment report will serve in your interview preparation as well as part of your interview portfolio.

Your behavioral assessment report will help you:

  1.   1. Understand your own communication and behavioral style to better understand how to interact with others.

  2.   2. Prepare for a job interview with the information about your value to the organization by knowing your strengths and possible weaknesses and to be armed with descriptive word choices describing yourself, which are outlined in the report.

  3.   3. Prepare your interview portfolio. Your behavioral assessment will serve as substantiating evidence of your soft skills and core competencies. It backs up what you are saying about yourself.

  4.   4. Provide prospective management with information to create an environment conducive for productivity and also to assist the employer with strategic positioning.

Resume 4 Success will provide career management tools and job search materials you will need to take control of your job search and show you how to use your job search materials to effectively search for the job you've always wanted.

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