Job Search Services

In today's competitive environment, a well-written resume is critical to your job search if you want to get noticed. If your current resume isn't resulting in interviews with potential employers and / or recruiters, you may want to consider hiring a professional resume writer. Resume 4 Success specializes in getting job searchers noticed! Our certified professional resume writers will write a professional resume and cover letter meeting the standards of professional resume writing according to the current job market trends. Our customized job search services are designed to match your unique job search needs.

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Resume Our Professional Resume Service offers complete and convenient start-to-finish creation of a resume customized to fit the needs of your job search. Successful job searching has become a very sophisticated process. By collecting information about you through your own descriptions, assessments and utilizing professional resources providing job descriptions, we can provide you a thorough and complete resume, while also helping you gain insight into your own personality strengths. In addition, you'll have your cover letter created at no extra charge and receive a comprehensive Communication Style Analysis, one that examines your personality and communication style in the workplace.

Resume Services

Cover Letter

In a cover letter, you can speak directly to the hiring authority from a personal point of view, stating, 'I can do this, I feel that, etc.' A cover letter should always accompany the resume and be crafted in a way that grabs the reader's attention, describing how you are specifically suited to fill this position.

A certified resume writer will incorporate how your personal strengths directly address the needs of the company to whom the cover letter and resume are being sent. These qualifications will be backed up by the content of your resume. Both the cover letter and resume need to be strong, marketing documents-selling YOU to the employer. If one part of this package is poorly written, the other will not pick up the slack. The hiring authority will simply pick up the next cover letter and resume for consideration.

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Career Testing

Resume 4 Success is a business that provides career guidance. Personal consultants administer nationally recognized career evaluations and provide reports. The reports are matched with The Dictionary of Occupational Titles and several other National Job Placement manuals. With this professional assessment, one can have the confidence that he/she has been guided toward a course of study or a job that will be best suited to his/her individual qualities.

Resume 4 Success will assess occupational preferences for ages fourteen through adult. Both professionally and vocationally oriented individuals are guided toward the appropriate activities, clubs, hobbies, and/or curriculum that will enhance skills and provide experience where necessary. Job functions and responsibilities will also be detailed. This can eliminate the possibility of the "Dream Job" becoming a nightmare. In addition, information is provided on the education and experience requirements. There is a report on what type of personality characteristics are best suited for specific jobs. The expected salary range is discussed and the anticipated future demands for specific occupations are researched with projections through the year 2018. You'll get information to make informed decisions and professional career coaching.

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Career Coaching

Career CoachingResume 4 Success specializes in helping professionals identify their ideal career path, navigate their transition and nurture their career. Career Coaching is a systematic and methodical approach to reach the goal of obtaining the career of your choice. Career Coaching is personalized to meet the needs of each individual job seeker.

In today's job market, you will need every advantage to maintain a competitive edge. That's why Resume 4 Success offers professional resume and cover letter development services and career coaching with the unique element of a Behavioral Assessment included. Behavioral Assessments identify your special talents, your communication style and how your positive characteristics can be valuable in the workplace. Next, this information is emphasized in your cover letter and resume, allowing the interviewer to know just how your unique talents and transferable skills can benefit the prospective employer's business.

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Job Search Tools

Traditional job search methods include sending out resumes, reading the help wanted ads in the newspaper, going to personnel offices and filling out applications, going to the local employment service office, signing up with a private employment agency and applying for civil service jobs. "Traditional" means it's the way that everyone knows. Traditional methods of job search are not always the most effective ones and encourage you to be passive, but some people do find jobs using them. Traditional methods all require you to depend on someone else to respond or do something to let you know about an opening. Resume 4 Success recommends that you use a variety of "traditional" and informal job seeking methods.

Informal job seeking methods include getting leads from people you know and direct contact with employers. All personal referrals together account for about 40 percent of how people find jobs. The most effective job search methods help you remain active in your job search and can dramatically increase the number of interviews you can get. Resume 4 Success job search tools can put you in the driver's seat and give you a more active role.

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Resume Distribution

Have Your Resume Distributed to Recruiters & Private Equity / Venture Capital Firms. Whether you are a C-level executive or senior staff member earning from $50,000 to $1,000,000 or more, our customized marketing campaign maximizes your chances and provides selective criteria to fulfill your unique job search requirements.

You'll be pleased with your investment in this mass distribution of exposure doesn't increase by the number of recruiters or private equity / VC firms on your contact list! Your resume will be instantly accessible to recruiters across the country, improving your chances of being hired right in your own city through a coast-to-coast distribution.

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