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Formal meeting in which one or more persons question, consult, or evaluate another person: a job interview.

Tell Me About Your Communication Skills.

Is is easy for you to talk about your communication skills at a job interview?  As a professional resume writer and career coach, I have asked many clients to tell me about their communication skills.  I’ve noticed a distinct different in how different generations respond.

So, if you think it is easy to discuss your communication skills at an interview, be sure to consider this:

If you are interviewing for a job, promoting an idea as an employee, or leading a team, it’s important to remember that we now have four distinct generations on the job.  Each generation uses a “different language.” The term “communication skills,” for example, might mean formal writing and speaking abilities to an older worker, while it might mean e-mail and instant-messenger savvy to the younger worker. Being aware of generational differences can help you anticipate miscommunications and help you tailor your message for more effective communication.

Understanding the generation differences may be important, but it is not nearly as important as it is to understand the individual. People, no matter their age, have specific styles in how they react / respond to situations and how they receive / perceive information.  By understanding the concept of people’s behavior styles and communication preferences, you will significantly improve your probability of success in reaching your goals. Include learning about people as part of your continuing education and you will learn more about your own style and the unique styles of others. Strive to communicate effectively with the Workforce Veterans, The Boomers, Generation X, and The Millennials by knowing and appreciating communication differences.

Remember:  Be more mindful of Communication STYLES than of communication devices and jargon.

Are You Connected or Disconnected?

DISCover how to communicate effectively while job search networking, on interviews, as an employee, and in personal relationships.

Have you ever found yourself trying to communicate with someone and wondering why you just couldn’t seem to connect? Perhaps, while trying figure out a problem, you were struggling to extract information bit by bit. Or maybe the person was firing questions at you so quickly you barely had time to react let alone formulate cogent answers before he or she was leaping to the next idea or question? Then, there are those times where you find yourself effortlessly communicating and wishing all your encounters would go so well. What can account for such differences?

Different behavioral styles influence our communication and interactions with others. Awareness and understanding of style differences and similarities can foster effective communication and lead to more positive interactions. Awareness begins by first knowing one’s own behavioral tendencies and then learning to recognize the differences in others.
Much of our success in relationships can be attributed to our ability to communicate effectively. The heart of a connection through effective communication, and ultimately gaining someone’s cooperation and commitment, lies in building rapport, eliciting trust, and establishing credibility. People always want to know what they are going to gain out of this relationship. It is worth it?

How do you find out what people need if you are unable to open the doorway to communication for the connection needed? By understanding people and treating them in ways that respect their unique needs, you build mutual trust and foster relationships that transcend differences. Behavioral and communication experts use the DISC-based professional assessments to help people identify their own communication and behavioral style and to help them understand how to recognize the style of others. The DISC concept also help people learn how to adapt their own style to complement those with whom they are interacting.

If you have found yourself enjoying certain interactions from natural connections while dreading others, perhaps it is time to consider learning more about yourself and others with JaneCo’s expertise in the process of using the DISC communication styles and behavioral strengths materials.

As JaneCo’s helps in opening the doorway to communication your knowledge will allows you to dramatically improve your job search techniques as you learn how to communicate your brand more clearly and enhance your networking possibilities. You will boost your interviewing skills to help you get the job you want. JaneCo’s process of coaching with the DISC communication concept helps you discover the solution for building professional and personal relationships, for employees to develop better interpersonal skills, a way for the sales person to increase sales, and in making more successful career choices.

JaneCo’s professional development process will help you create win-win situations, establish connections with those who think, behave, and communicate differently than you. Grow your network successfully to new levels by opening the doorway to communication—and enjoy your “DISC”-connection.

Is the “YOU” at the Interview the same “YOU” described in your Resume and Cover Letter?

JaneCo’s Resume Writers Enhance Your Resume and Cover Letters with a Style Analysis.

Is the person described in your resume and cover letter the same person that walks into the interview room?

As your cover letter is being read, the reader perceives a “communication style.” Is that style truly your style, or someone else’s? You deserve and need to have your materials customized to reflect who you are.

A professional resume writer must meet some fundamentally important challenges:  Powerful and dynamic resumes and cover letters that reach beyond work experience to project a professional persona with specific accomplishments showcased appropriately and the writer must do this while captivating the reader with a marketing message that says “Here is the person you have been seeking.”

An interview is the natural consequence of such marketing material.

It is critically important that you, during the interview, appear to be the same person that was perceived on paper.  A “disconnect” here can spell disaster for you, when you may have otherwise experienced a successful job search.

When we write for you, your success requires that we understand your communication style.  And communication isn’t restricted to words or phraseology but it includes ingrained behaviors and personal attributes as well – it comes down to who you are.

A professional communication style analysis is a key resource for us to understand who you are and how you interact with others and the respond to the environment. This understanding is necessary if we actually meet you in person or if we provide our resume and coaching services by email and phone. We are your professional “ghost writers” and we use the widely known and reliable Success Insights DISC Communication and Behavioral Style assessments to quickly and accurately understand your style. The report we get from this process tells us if we need to write assertively or passively or with a people orientation or a task orientation. The reports help us know your soft skills, your transferrable interpersonal strengths that are not only woven into your resume, but into your cover letters as well. Here is an example, using some of the narrative phrases directly from a DISC Style Analysis report: 

“Persistent and persevering in approach to achieving goals …sensitive to others and able to display real empathy for those who are experiencing difficulties …prefers to plan work and work the plan…others find it refreshing to have him on the team…thinks over major decisions before acting…considerate, compassionate and accepting of others…brings both speaking and listening skills to the group”

Your style analysis report gives us the information about your personal characteristics around which to craft dynamic marketing materials. Your resume and cover letter will be uniquely written for you and from your prospective.

DISC Communication and Behavioral assessments not only help us, as we write for you, but the reports also provide tangible evidence of who you are at the interview and serve as highly effective tools that help position you for your interviews with accurate branding statements and the ability to drive certain aspects of the interview.

We find DISC Style Assessments to be extremely valuable and indispensable tools for crafting resumes that work, cover letters that position you to be credible at your interviews, and an invaluable enhancement to our professional writing services with the unique you in mind.

Interviewing for a Leadership Position?

You are interviewing for a job that requires you to be a leader. So how do you prepare?

There are certain traits expected of a leader. Therefore, you’ll want to think about and decide upon on some scenarios that demonstrate your leadership traits and experiences. Prepare appropriately for your explaination and discussion points.

For example:

Explain your ability to organize and motivate people to accomplish goals while you continue to create a sense of order and direction.

Be prepared to discuss how you inspire others with a compelling vision.

Talk about how you empower others to accomplish common goals.

Be sure the interviewer realizes that you represent a positive, motivational example for others to emulate as they become leaders.

Describe how you support others through providing clarity, direction, organization and purpose.

With each of your talking points, be prepared with an example or two of when you did any and all of what you’ve talked about.

Note: JaneCo’s Sensible Solutions will ensure your discover your accurate personal traits. Ask us about our Communication and Behavioral Style reports. The results of your assessment will be used in the development of your resume and cover letter.