Interviewing for a Leadership Position?

You are interviewing for a job that requires you to be a leader. So how do you prepare?

There are certain traits expected of a leader. Therefore, you’ll want to think about and decide upon on some scenarios that demonstrate your leadership traits and experiences. Prepare appropriately for your explaination and discussion points.

For example:

Explain your ability to organize and motivate people to accomplish goals while you continue to create a sense of order and direction.

Be prepared to discuss how you inspire others with a compelling vision.

Talk about how you empower others to accomplish common goals.

Be sure the interviewer realizes that you represent a positive, motivational example for others to emulate as they become leaders.

Describe how you support others through providing clarity, direction, organization and purpose.

With each of your talking points, be prepared with an example or two of when you did any and all of what you’ve talked about.

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