A Good Resume Writer is a Ghostwriter, Leaving No Clues of His or Her Existence

Yes, a resume writer is a ghostwriter. An expert ghostwriter always writes in his/her client’s voice. The quickest, easiest, and most accurate way to understand a client’s unique style is to administer a validated professional behavior and communication style assessment.

 The most widely used and recommended method for this process is the DISC-based concept. A client responds to an online assessment through an Authorized DISC Administrator and reveals his/her style in about 10 minutes, saving time and frustration in trying to uncover this information during lengthy discussions. This assessment process generates a comprehensive computer report for the job seeker and the ghostwriter. The report gives accurate insight into a client’s style, enabling the resume writer to “write from the perspective of the client” in both the resume and cover letter. Resume writers using this process give the client’s resume the advantage of the “client’s voice” rather than the resume writer’s voice leaving no clues of his or her existence.

The DISC reports will also give the writer more key words and descriptive phrases about the client’s behavioral style, which are literally validated through the assessment tool. Therefore, the information about the job seekers soft skills can be used with confidence in the client’s marketing documents when displaying interpersonal traits.

Each job-seeking client should receive his/her own unique report. The report is the substantiating evidence at the interview as discussions take place regarding the immediate value the candidate’s unique style brings to the potential employer.

Note: Jane Roqueplot, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, administers a Professional DISC Behavioral / Communication Style Profile to every job-seeking client.