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Resume 4 Success is a business that provides career guidance. Personal consultants administer nationally recognized career evaluations and provide reports. The reports are matched with The Dictionary of Occupational Titles and several other National Job Placement manuals. With this professional assessment, one can have the confidence that he/she has been guided toward a course of study or a job that will be best suited to his/her individual qualities.

What do you mean what do I mean?

The many methods for communicating have steadily increased and certainly continue to improve as technology advances. Yet, miscommunication happens daily.

Have you ever said something to someone, only to have that person’s response make you wonder what he/she actually heard you say? Do you ever look dazed and confused when someone tries to explain something to you?

While there are many ways to enhance communication skills, there is one concept that the JaneCo’s professionals recommend to effectively deliver a message with any method of communication. This concept is the widely-known DISC-based model of behavioral styles and communication preference. Not only does understanding the DISC model help in communicating effectively, but it has many other practical applications. The DISC concept and materials are not only recommended as part of JaneCo’s career advancement services, but the information from the DISC materials are used in resume and cover letter writing, to enhance job interview skills and more.

The first step for all JaneCo’s career coaching clients, including those in need of a resume, is identifying their communication preferences. Knowing a job seeker’s communication style is vital for a ghost writer to write a cover letter in the job seeker’s voice. Accurate behavioral strengths should be showcased on the job seeker’s resume. Even unemployed and underemployed job seekers in need of career direction benefit by matching an appropriate job title to their DISC style and preferences.

JaneCo’s helps all job seekers realize that even while people are different they are somewhat predictably different. We can learn to expect how people will react and respond with the DISC model knowledge and predict certain behavioral tendencies based on their individual natural strengths and styles.
Realizing how people are likely to react and respond is that important part of enriching communication effectiveness and decreasing miscommunication in the workplace and in all relationships.

The following examples of communication reactions and responses may help in understanding the basics of the DISC concept that JaneCo’s uses in resume and cover letter writing and career coaching for all its clients who are looking for a job and career satisfaction.
The Boss says, “I need to see you right after the meeting.”

Everyone hears what the boss has said, but let’s see how . . . The D I S C Styles Think, React, and Respond Differently

The D style person: “It must be my promotion. It’s about time, too. I certainly deserve it and I don’t know what has taken so long!”

The I style person: “Wow! I bet they want to write an article about me & put my picture on the cover. I’m glad I wore this today, it’s a great color!”

The S style person: “Gosh! Someone probably lost a document and to meet our deadline, I’ll need to find it. We planned our family dinner for tonight. I wonder if I should call home now or little later and let them know.”

The C style person: Starts investigating every project to figure out what could be wrong and to start preparing the best explanation on justifying why it was done that way.

Improve relationships by understanding people’s styles. You’ll realize how they prefer to receive information. These communication skills helps ensure the message sent and the one received are the same! Remember; perceptions differ.

JaneCo’s does more than just write your resume and cover letter and your job searching materials will be written according to your unique DISC communication style!

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Are You Connected or Disconnected?

DISCover how to communicate effectively while job search networking, on interviews, as an employee, and in personal relationships.

Have you ever found yourself trying to communicate with someone and wondering why you just couldn’t seem to connect? Perhaps, while trying figure out a problem, you were struggling to extract information bit by bit. Or maybe the person was firing questions at you so quickly you barely had time to react let alone formulate cogent answers before he or she was leaping to the next idea or question? Then, there are those times where you find yourself effortlessly communicating and wishing all your encounters would go so well. What can account for such differences?

Different behavioral styles influence our communication and interactions with others. Awareness and understanding of style differences and similarities can foster effective communication and lead to more positive interactions. Awareness begins by first knowing one’s own behavioral tendencies and then learning to recognize the differences in others.
Much of our success in relationships can be attributed to our ability to communicate effectively. The heart of a connection through effective communication, and ultimately gaining someone’s cooperation and commitment, lies in building rapport, eliciting trust, and establishing credibility. People always want to know what they are going to gain out of this relationship. It is worth it?

How do you find out what people need if you are unable to open the doorway to communication for the connection needed? By understanding people and treating them in ways that respect their unique needs, you build mutual trust and foster relationships that transcend differences. Behavioral and communication experts use the DISC-based professional assessments to help people identify their own communication and behavioral style and to help them understand how to recognize the style of others. The DISC concept also help people learn how to adapt their own style to complement those with whom they are interacting.

If you have found yourself enjoying certain interactions from natural connections while dreading others, perhaps it is time to consider learning more about yourself and others with JaneCo’s expertise in the process of using the DISC communication styles and behavioral strengths materials.

As JaneCo’s helps in opening the doorway to communication your knowledge will allows you to dramatically improve your job search techniques as you learn how to communicate your brand more clearly and enhance your networking possibilities. You will boost your interviewing skills to help you get the job you want. JaneCo’s process of coaching with the DISC communication concept helps you discover the solution for building professional and personal relationships, for employees to develop better interpersonal skills, a way for the sales person to increase sales, and in making more successful career choices.

JaneCo’s professional development process will help you create win-win situations, establish connections with those who think, behave, and communicate differently than you. Grow your network successfully to new levels by opening the doorway to communication—and enjoy your “DISC”-connection.